Nanital – Travel Story

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So, this visit was in January 2016. Sorry, for posting late

Day – 1

Landed in Delhi it was 11 am in the morning, you know how Delhi would be in January freaking freezing it was

I stayed at my friend’s place for a night coz I had to leave next morning for Uttarakhand by road


Day –  2  

road trip, by cab to Haldwani it was supposed to take a few hours, but we took almost a day to reach Haldwani. coz of the heavy rain we were not able to see the roads ahead, too much of fog and brakes were required

After spending crazy 5 hours I was down with cold and fever and I was literally shivering.
I took a nap for a while, Jyse Tyse we reached to Haldwani, I was supposed to stay in a hotel but considering my health ended up staying with a friend’s family

It was 7 pm till we reached, they have a beautiful villa kind of Korthi you can say in a middle of a forest. in the woods, incredible and beautiful!!

 Day – 3

Started early, usually am not an early riser person coz of cold I woke up early. it was extremely cold. Came out of the room and felt totally different greenery all over, the mountain mist was kissing my face lightly, every corner and side were artistically beautiful like portraits of green. Just imagine, in chilling cold, not just viewing, I was feeling it with a cup of chai (Tea). Mesmerizing morning!! Unknowingly I spent half of my day at the terrace.

I just wanted to be there I didn’t go out stayed at home.


                                                                                                                                                   Day – 4 

was ready for my ride with my buddy
We were heading to Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal

Ride was actually adventures I was actually dying whenever I was looking down into the mountains and hills it looks beautiful but if you will actually ride on them it’s super scary
Somehow, we managed to reach was not so easy especially in winter season, as my friend is actually from Uttarakhand it was just a normal drive for him seeing me like that was funny for him.

We reached such an enormous lake green water enclosed by mountains looked like a daydream after spending some time there we went to Naukochia Taal was as similar as Bhimtal

Day 5- left early for Nainital by car reached there had some food and then after started exploring the beautiful place, we went up to the mountains by trolley I was really scared from mounts but wanted to go and experience, it was dead gorgeous and beautiful greenery fog, cold, snow everything was there I could not take my eyes off of the view it was beyond the imagination. Nanital is for sure an adventure place up on the mountain we did go karting gun shooting and it was super fun in cold we were not able to talk but still dared to do everything likely and it was amazing. it always feels great to try for something when you’re not ready for it.


Day 6 – Came back to Delhi and took late night flight and back to the city I love “Mumbai Meri Jaan”

Here comes the recommendation part: – Big yes for Uttrakhand the UK of our country it will take you back to the mother nature this state has everything you need Adventure, Beauty, greenery, Mountains, Great Food people were really nice, you won’t feel like being in a strange place and go at least for a week so you can chill out and relax and cover all the possible places around.

If you want to ask anything else about my trip Do comment I would love to share more 🙂