5 Things to do after your High School in case you are Clueless!!

1.Start an Internship

Well, if you have just completed your High School and you are totally clueless about your future and your career then start an internship with any company that attracts you. By doing so you can earn a little extra pocket money and can gain work experience as well, along with the thought of whether you want to choose this particular field or not.


2. Travel

Being a teenager, traveling is a bit difficult in terms of money and getting permissions from your parents, but you have to do it for yourself. Traveling will help you explore yourself further, help you in pushing the boundaries further, understanding better how the world works and where you stand and what you can do…


3. Meet new People

Meeting new people is very important. This helps you grow as a person, learn to communicate better, more effectively, inculcate different lifestyles, get new ideas, learn different cultures, religions, cuisines and many more things.


4. Join an NGO 

I know it sounds a little on the heavier side when we talk about NGO’s and social causes, but believe me it will make you realize how lucky you are, when you’ll see children with their parents, and then you see children with no parents, without hands/legs/limbs, you will learn the importance of the things around you… You will learn to value things around you more and this, in turn, will make you a better person and a good human being.


5. Read whatever you can/whenever you can

We all know reading is like medicine and meditation. When I say reading it does not mean you need to study boring black and white books, you should read anything that interests you or research about a particular subject that interests you and then go ahead and read more about it. Reading helps us broaden our spectrum of thinking, helps us imagine things and keeps our mind busy in creative or imaginative thoughts.