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Ola People.

A Few months ago I went to Goa for a photo shoot, it was a 4 day trip. We had multiple changes and concepts to do in a short period of time. The plan was to shoot at every part of Goa.

It was my first trip to Goa so I was super exited!!!!

We took an early morning flight from Mumbai.

It was a perfect morning with perfect vibes at Goa, weather was beautiful. We took a taxi to a private house, which we had booked in advance so it was just like being home, we were staying at Saturday market, North Goa, such a peaceful place! I just wanted to stay there forever!! Hahhaha!!

We checked in and made ourselves comfortable before heading out to shoot. As we know no one can work on empty stomach, we went out for lunch. We had to shoot at least 2 looks; we went back to our house to change and for make-up.

Then we visited all the places in North Goa, mostly street side, it was almost 5pm. We had shortlisted few locations which was going with our theme… I just loved the streets; churches, duplex houses and villas which surrounded me. It had a vintage feel to it, we spent most of our time discussing about the look and feel and ended up doing only one look as we were running out of day light.


 Wearing – Zenny Khan

Day 2

We started the shoot early morning; luckily we got the amazing view opposite to our house where we did a couple of looks and in between we were exploring Goa too!! Just next to our house there was a restaurant, RASA, we went there for brunch. We tried some different food, so next time whenever you’re in Goa and staying at Saturday market or near it, you must visit RASA , you will LOVE it, great service, hospitality and food. It is an open restaurant; you can enjoy Mother Nature with food.

We wrapped up the shoot and then finally went to the shack #bobby shacks, I think Goa is the place for people who wants be in their own zone. It’s just a different world all together; People, roads, streets, you get the vibes of being free, you get a very unconventional feeling .

I know every city has its own charm, but in Goa you feel like celebrating life.

If you see the daily routine of the people there, they sleep in the morning and start working when the half of the day is over, well it is meant to be like this as the city gets alive at NIGHT!!!!

That’s what makes it different; I always use to wonder why people just go crazy when they talk about Goa, even the teetotalers.

Now that I have experienced it, I understand 😛

People of Goa are dedicated to Hospitality, being one of the best tourist places in India. The city is affordable, classy, liberal and cultural.

We were out till 3am with no fear, it was totally safe, nobody was bothered about our clothes or anything else.. Its okay with people there if you’re roaming in a bikini, I think a lot of credit goes to people who come from other countries, I think it’s an effort made from both the sides.

Goa is also famous for Kaju (Cashew Nuts), you get different options if you’re a Kaju lover. They do loads of experiments with the spices and Kaju. If you’re thinking to take something back to your city for friends and family, Kaju can be one of the good options.

Girls you’re gonna love the beach wear of Goa, if you are good at bargaining you are sorted, so don’t bother about what you will wear , you just go out for a quick shopping and you will be all dressed up for your day at the beach .

Oh!!! I totally forgot that was at the bobby’s shack when I started writing day 2 hahahahhah …

If you’re a beach lover and you love to eat and drink at outdoor place you must visit any shacks at the beach. I made sure to visit the shacks at least once a day throughout our trip.

You will see couples on their honeymoon, People celebrating birthdays or anniversary and spending quality time with family and friend. Whenever you get time in the evening visit the shacks, it’s a different feel altogether.

It was 5am when we got back to the house.



Wearing – Amrita Mordani




Dress – Femella , Shoes – Mochi








Day 3

It started late around 2 pm… The Goa feel was growing into me 😛

We hired a Jeep and carried a few of my dresses so that if we get any good location we could shoot there.

We were headed to South Goa, we visited churches and Goa museum to have a hang of it.

The view was amazing, it was vintage and it was grand, vintage cars, old churches, old houses with modern architecture, big windows, big doors, I would say complete package of mother nature and we found our location to shoot.





Gown – Meri Atechi


Wearing – Bollywoo.ooo



Wearing – Amrita Mordani


Wearing – Amrita Mordani









Day 4 

It was the last day and we had to finish the shoot too.. With only few looks left we were not stressed out.

We went to the beach early morning for the beach side shoot. We decided to shoot at not so popular beach as there would be fewer crowd and it will be easier to shoot.

Then again you can’t work on empty stomach… lol

We had our breakfast first at the one of the shacks.

After we wrapped our shoot in the evening, it called for a celebration so we went to the Big TAP which was newly opened, amazing set up and everything was so perfect that we partied hard and had a blast there.

The next day we had an early morning flight back to Mumbai.

In my Opinion those who haven’t been to Goa, please consider it for your next trip.



Wearing – Zooomberg











Photos by Atul Joshi

Location – Goa