Globus Fashion

Heya My People,

I am sure you guys are rocking, Thank you for such a great response on my previous blogs, hope you keep enjoying more of them. also, let me know if you want me to write any specific blog.

Here is my new blog on Globus Fashion!!!!

Globus Fashion, I have been wearing since I was in school, it was one of my favourite brands that time and still is, why I love this brand??? because it has everything you can wish for no matter what your age is, no matter what style type you have so if you’re a housewife, office going girl, media personality, an actress, an artist, mommy, granny and the most important part, it is pocket friendly.

So recently I tried few looks, will take you step by step

Look – 1

I guess this outfit is perfect for any of your casual occasion whether it be a lunch date with friends/Family Or with your “someone special” Or  Shopping Or for a long drive. This jogger pant is so comfortable that you can even wear it for your yoga or workout classes or Dance classes. Comfortable yet stylish. The crop top is not body fitted so it gives a classy cute look. I thought of wearing them together and looked a perfect pair.. what do you think??

I also tried 2 different styles so you can pick any of them  🙂

Look – 2                                                                

I Love the combination of yellow and blue, I think it gives a traditional vibe, I wanted to try this long top with this skirt. I think it changed the whole look so you can even try your short Kurti and spaghetti with it, it’s good to try this for summer weddings, light and bright. The high messy bun was a good Idea to give a complete look.


Look – 3 

I just loved this dress, it has beautiful print and fabric.There are a lot of options for net fabric and I have seen people not liking the fabric much. This is for you guys, the net fabric is super soft, it won’t damage your skin for sure as this was the reason even I never wore net fabrics, now I just love them.

You just need to try them out properly while buying.

I was so excited when my makeup artist told me that she will be trying some flowers for hair styling, bdw this ombre hair is not real as I don’t Colour my hair, it is a hair extension which went very well with my look all credit goes to Riya Chandra



Photos by Atul Joshi 

MUA by Riya Chandra