Travel Story – Dubai 2017

Ola People,

Here is my blog on the recent Dubai trip, hope you guys enjoy it!!!!!!

I had planned this trip for a while and here I was at the airport boarding my flight.I landed at Dubai Airport post mid night and oh my god don’t ask how long the immigration queue was, no wonder I was in Dubai!!

I was staying at Rove Hotels Downtown and the best thing I got was the view from my room of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa!!!!!!!.

It was a 3 day trip and after sleeping for a while and yummy breakfast,I was all set to explore Dubai, A beautiful city. It’s quite easy to forget that this place is actually a desert that has been reclaimed and built over, with the impressive constructions. The law is quite strict so it’s quite safe and it felt like home.The architecture was fascinating. Weather was cloudy. City was spotlessly clean.

Day One was about Shopping so it started with the Dubai Mall ;), one of the biggest in the world, which was bang opposite to my hotel, it’s a huge mall unlike any other mall in Dubai. For both men and women, Dubai is a place for fashion, name the brand and it’s there.

With the excitement with in me I forgot to click the pictures during the day and somehow managed to click it in the evening…hahahah

After spending some time and money there :P, I went back to my hotel.

Day two started off with the beautiful Mosque’s I visited while on my way to Palm Jumeirah.

Pan Jumeirah was one of the priority thing on my bucket list not only because it was scenic but being an hardcore bollywood fan and knowing that Shah Rukh Khan owns a house there I had to be there 😛

After spending an amazing day at Pan Jumeirah, I came to the hotel and spent some time watching local T.V shows

Day Three was mostly spent on the streets of Dubai which were rich in culture and architecture.I took time out and had conversation with people from other countries to understand about their cultures. During that time I also made new friends, Ugur and Yaseen , they were from Istanbul, Turkey. Being a huge Turkish TV show fan we immediately started speaking about Fatmagul, Feriha, Little Lord and many more. Later that evening we all went to Dubai Marina, It looked very surreal to me, the yachts on the right and the cafes on the left, it felt rich, Oh I forgot I was in Dubai! Thanks to Wikipedia I got to know that Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city, built along a two-mile (3 km) stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. After a long walk, I went back to my hotel as I had my flight early morning.

If I get a chance I will visit Dubai again, this time for a longer period and those who haven’t been to Dubai PLEASE ADD THIS PLACE TO YOUR BUCKET LIST!!!!!




Just before leaving for the airport 😛